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Kara Salzmann: Founder/Executive Director


 Kara describes her involvement with PWAP as a passion that came to her at a time where gratitude met a call for service. “The feeling of gratitude I felt every single day for healthy happy children, made me want to do more for others who aren’t as fortunate. This is not only a passion for me, but a responsibility I feel to give back.” 

Meet Sally: a Goldendoodle, therapy dog in training. She has a love for playing ball and eating crayons! She looks forward to camping with her family every summer! 

Kerry Bonin: Board President


 Kerry has a passion for service through advocacy, giving, education, and volunteerism. Kerry is very active in her community, and she is dedicated to providing care and support for others who are facing tough challenges. Through her servant leadership of PWAP Kerry brings joy, hope and healing to children battling illness. She is also an animal lover and rescue advocate.

Meet Murphy.  He is a Shepherd mix with a big personality to match his size. Murphy is very smart, playful and mischievous with endless energy. He enjoys good food, sporting activities, and having fun with family and friends....just like his mama! 

Sarah Dagostino: Vice President/Treasurer


 Sarah is an avid volunteer and is especially passionate about providing hope and healing to children who are facing illnesses.  Sarah is committed to providing support to her community in many different capacities.   

Meet Sadie: She is a 10 1/2 year old Labrador who spends most days napping around the house. In the summer she enjoys weekends at the cabin swimming in the lake and taking rides on the pontoon. 

Liz Swanson: Board Secretary


Liz is an active member in her community and cares deeply about organizations that connect children to their community.  

Meet Frank: He's an 11-year old Weimaraner bout he doesn't let his age get in the way.  He was rescued and ever since has been keeping his family on their toes.  He loves to cuddle, bask in the sun, takes naps with his family, and enjoys frozen, peanut butter Kongs.

Colleen Bringle: Creative Director


Colleen’s talents in graphic design are immense! Her creativity is a perfect match for families and children we serve to help bring fun and color into their lives.

Meet Leonard, who is clearly photogenic. He is a 5 year old Puggle. He loves to cuddle and run. Leonard was in the process of being trained to be a therapy dog when the Bringle family discovered he had a cancerous tumor in his paw. Amputation of his front paw was the only option. Leonard is an example of resilience, as he is still one fast and happy pup! 

Taylor Green: Community Affairs



Taylor has an interest in bringing people together for a greater cause.  Her involvement in the community and her desire to connect people are vital to PWAP's mission.   Taylor is also the content creator of PWAP's monthly newsletter "The Paw Print".  

Meet Cully, a Goldendoodle, named after the great NHL player, Matt Cullen.  Cully likes treats and watching hockey games on TV during his spare time.